The Determinator®

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Introduction to The Determinator®, a State-of-the-Art Ignition Interlock Device

Our Alcohol Detection System (ADS), The Determinator®, is a state-of-the-art ignition interlock device, an automotive safety device. The system analyzes blood alcohol content and determines if a driver is within a legal limit to get behind the wheel. In order to start a vehicle with an installed ADS, a breath sample must be given. If a certain level of alcohol is read, the vehicle will not start. The setting can be adjusted as necessary from a zero to a required level.

The durable ignition interlock device hardware consists of a user-friendly and discreet mouthpiece, and a control module, which is wired to the vehicle.

Your Determinator® ignition interlock device will come with complete installation instructions for any car electronics company to follow along with an ADS Technical Support Hotline for troubleshooting assistance.

ADS, Inc. also provides video instruction for new users that serves as a demonstration of the ignition interlock unit to all site visitors. Don't hesitate to watch it. It doesn't take long.

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