Determine Your Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC)

This diagram shows the number of drinks required to bring your blood alcohol concentration (BAC) to a particular level In one hour.

Chart showing BAC for various weights and amounts of alcohol drunk.

How To Calculate Your BAC For One Hour Of Drinking

  1. Locate the line that corresponds to your body weight.
  2. From left to right, each square represents one drink.
  3. The first dark line to the right indicates a BAC of .04, which indicates impairment.
  4. The second dark line to the right indicates a BAC of .08, which is considered legal intoxication or "drunk" in most states.

To Calculate Your BAC Over A Longer Period Of Time

  • Add the total amount of drinks consumed.
  • From that total, subtract 1 drink for each hour of drinking. In other words, your body will burn off 1 drink per hour.

Drinking Guidelines

When drinking, consider that each of the following drinks contain the same amount of alcohol.

Image showing that a 1 oz. shot of whiskey, a 5 oz. glass of wine and a 12 oz. mug of beer contain about the same amount of alcohol (beer can vary).

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