Are you interested in partnering with a leader in the interlock business? We offer courteous customer service and can provide you with guidance to grow your existing business and establish new business.

  • We can help your customer base grow
  • Enjoy the benefits of additional advertising
  • Increase revenue with add-on business
  • Offer additional services to your existing customer base & strengthen your relationship
  • Strengthen your relationship within the community by providing a service that¬†makes your community a safer place

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Information for Attorneys:

We can help get your clients back on the road faster with an affordable ignition interlock device.

Alcohol Detection Systems offers:

  • Affordable pricing
  • Conveniently located install centers
  • A device that is discreet and lightweight that can be stored away when not in use

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The Determinator® Features

Easy-to-read digital display.
Detachable hand held device.
Daily reminder of next calibration date.
Bilingual voice commands and tone prompts.

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